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I am pleased with them so far.

I am pleased with them so far. I don't have complaints, about anything so far. It's clean, staff is friendly, no complaints about food. They are doing a good job so far. I give them a five at this point.

Alice Marley Thousand Oaks , CA March 6, 2015

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My wife and I met here and it was love at first sight. Come …

Lutheran Village is a great place to live. The security and peace of mind result in a relaxed atmosphere where people can enjoy the beautiful atrium and other common areas.
My wife and I met here and it was love at first sight. Come join us in one of the nicest places to reside in Memphis.

Jim Wood Memphis , TN April 3, 2015

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There is no waiting around all day because the friendly …

What a relief it is, when an appliance goes out, that I don’t have to spend time going from store to store searching for a new one. All I have to do is call the office and they will let Maintenance know. There is no waiting around all day because the friendly Maintenance guys are there in a jiffy.

Sue Johnston Memphis , TN April 3, 2015

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They are truly like family.

After the passing of our parents, my husband and I had a serious discussion about our future. We had no children to help take care of us, so we wanted to plan ahead. We wanted a place where we could own our home, be independent and most of all feel safe and secure.
My husband and I toured several communities before finding the one we would call home. We knew after seeing Lutheran Village this was the place for us. There were multiple floor plans to choose from, not to mention the beautiful tropical atrium. Our favorite was the single level cottages. I have lived at Lutheran Village for 18 years and couldn’t be happier.
When my husband passed away, it was a load off of my shoulders knowing I didn’t have to worry about getting rid of my home or making any major financial decisions. Everything was already taken care of. At the time my husband passed, it was a blessing having residents show how much they cared. They are truly like family.
A lot of people think putting off moving is the best thing to do. I think it is important to make the move while you are still active and independent. Living here gives me the opportunity to do the things I enjoy most.

Eugenia Bell Memphis , TN April 3, 2015

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It was the best move I ever made.

My name is James Alexander and my wife was Brownie Alexander, who passed away in May 2008. We both retired in the late 1980’s and were empty nesters. We lived 32 years in our home on Earnett St. in Raleigh with a nice yard, 5 huge oak trees, 15 dogwood trees, over 100 azalea plants, flower beds bordered with hosta and a yard of zoysia grass. We decided it was time to do something else besides working constantly to maintain our home and yard. We wanted a place with little maintenance and upkeep.
We chose Lutheran Village because of it’s many amenities: you own your own home, the monthly service fees are low and include security, cable television, utilities, trash removal, electronic gates, camera system, scheduled maintenance and maid service. Also, a portion of the monthly service fee is placed in a reserve account for replacement of appliances, carpet, roofs, painting and building renovations, etc..
We purchased our cottage at Lutheran Village and moved in on June 1, 1991. The 17 years between June 1, 1991 and May 16, 2008, when Brownie deceased, were the happiest 17 years of our 62 years of marriage because we were able to travel extensively. Brownie was active in United Methodist Women and I volunteered for 15 years as a Key-Man at Methodist North Hospital. We had time to enjoy these activities and also serve on committees at Lutheran Village and The Board of Directors.
Lutheran Village is a well managed retirement community and you get more for your money here than any other retirement community in the area. I have never regretted our decision. It was the best move I ever made.

James Alexander, Resident 17 years Memphis , TN April 3, 2015

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Lutheran Village is “the best kept secret in town”.

Hello! My name is Lilly. I am a miniature schnauzer and I’d like to tell you about my life in the Patio Homes at Lutheran Village. My mommy and I moved here 4 years ago. At first, I missed my fenced-in backyard, but then I discovered a whole new life style. Since I take my mommy walking twice a day (she needs her exercise as she no longer does yard work), I’ve discovered all kinds of new scents while she enjoys the well-manicured lawns and beautiful flower beds.
Another great thing I learned on our daily walk was the chance to meet new neighbors. I just love people and it’s even better when they’re accompanied by their dog.
My mommy chose our patio home because she loved having our own private atrium. I like it too, since I can go there anytime I want.
Of course, my mommy enjoys a number of things that don’t interest me like always having someone respond at once if you have an emergency like a plumbing problem. No searching for a repairman or waiting hours for one to show up. Or even something as simple as being able to pick up a library book at any hour of the day. I hope you’ll come to visit and see why The Patio Homes at Lutheran Village is “the best kept secret in town”.

Lilly Memphis , TN April 3, 2015

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Why Choose Us?

  • Own for less than rent
  • Tropical Atrium with 25 foot palm trees and other beautiful assorted foliage
  • Cottages with garage
  • Gated/secure community
  • Various floor plans
  • Flexible dining package
  • Maid service included
  • 24 hr. maintenance inside and outside included